What are young wines?

They are those wines that have not had any type of aging in wood (barrel) or this aging has been minimal. They are marketed during the same year of harvest or the following year. It is advisable to consume them in a relatively short period, between 2 and 3 years from the time of harvest. It is common to find the three types (white, rosé and red) as young wines.

They are characterized by their primary and secondary aromas, those that come directly from the grape and the vineyard … aromas of flowers, fresh fruit, vegetables and minerals and those that come from the fermentation processes.

Color informs us about the body, age and condition of the wine.

When we speak of young wines we speak of bright and vivid colors, with a moderate body. These bright colors will be lost over time and will acquire other shades that mark their evolutionary state.

They are fresh and happy wines with less tannic load and balanced flavors and without too much complexity that makes them easy to drink.

Bura Plavac

Bura Rukatac

Discover more about Bura young wines Bura Plavac (red) and Bura Rukatac (white) to enjoy your moments of simplicity.

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