Bura Ruža Dalmatinska

Bura Ruža dalmatinska, traditionally called Prošek, is a dessert wine from Dalmatia. Produced through the process known as passito (Passum) – raisin wine – invariable since ancient times and widely practiced throughout the Mediterranean.

Traditionally, Prošek is the result of the vinification of dried grapes after the harvest without any additives.

In Dalmatia, there is a long tradition linking Prošek’s production with the birth of children. The year of birth of the child, the grapes are selected after the harvest, dried and Prošek is produced. It is stored under the ground until the day of the wedding, when finally it is opened for celebration.

Very sweet wine

Variety of grapes: rukatac, (maraština, malvasia lunga)
Region: ZOI (Protected Designation of Origin) “Central and Southern Dalmatia”. Pelješac peninsula
Aging: 4 years in wooden barrels 100 lit. and 4 months in bottle

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