Bura Plavac mali Sivi

The Bura Plavac mali sivi is a gray wine made in our winery exclusively from Plavac mali sivi grapes, which comes from our vineyard in Potomje, on the Peljesac peninsula, and it is the first sustainable vineyard of this kind of grapes (Plavac mali sivi) in Croatia.

The grapes Plavac mali sivi are the result of spontaneous mutations of the standard genotype Plavac mali grapes. The bunches of grapes are gray and give a full-bodied wine with pronounced fruity aromas.

Grey wine

Variety of grapes: Plavac mali sivi
Region: ZOI (PDO – Protected Designation of Origin)” Center and south of Dalmatia” Pelješac Peninsula
Aging: 6 months in wooden barrels and 12 months in bottle

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